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The guy who acted like a 3 year old from the moment he was introduced, "roared" a lot I'm guessing this is supposed to be some sort of lion comparison but mostly it just made me think the author had a limited vocabulary and has never heard of this magical thing called a thesaurus , slammed his hands on tables a lot, and was just an asshole who threw temper tantrums every other page?? This is the hero you have painted for us?? Was her back story supposed to be sad or something?

The Fire King

And people talk crap about me behind my back and think I'm a whore! My story is so sad! Just like everybody else. And then on top of that, she figured out who the heroine was because somehow she did and apparently she played with her when she was a kid and was Kat's first friend???

That little "twist" was stupid, randomly thrown in and depressingly enough something I completely expected that I was on one hand unsurprised it happened and on the other hand irrationally angry that I had completely seen it coming. Was this supposed to make me like her more?

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What was the point of adding this random tenuous connection to the heroine?? Was her backstory supposed to be heart wrenching or tragic or something??? Really, I don't understand how anybody is even supposed to feel anything other than extreme hatred for any of these characters. At this point, I was hoping the evil Queen would just kill everyone. And then the heroine. Kat probably wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't been for the whole "I don't wanna be Queen cus then I have to wear a dress!!!!!

Boo hoo hoo!!! Are these supposed to make her easier to relate to? More endearing? Well, it didn't work. The author creates this heroine who survived and learned how to hunt and pick locks and all this other exciting crap only to turn her into this dumb idiot of a character who whined about having to wear a dress when she had to return to the court. She just exists at this annoying person who hates dresses and who is able to make Lian angry and tell him off and then make him not as angry or something which makes her special compared to everyone else.

And then on top of that there is the stupid, utterly flat character with literally 0 personality honestly this could be said of every character in this book named Wil-something who is supposed to be like a romantic rival or something? But in reality is your standard, unoriginal, spoiled brat character that wants in the King's pants and is basically the complete opposite of Kat. I guess this is supposed to make Kat more appealing or something?

Unfortunately, dear author, I hated every character in this book. And finally, the prose. Good gracious, the prose was bad. There was something about the way this entire book was written that was just stiff and boring. It was barely descriptive and for the most part just felt like the author was just straightforward telling us what was happening instead of describing it.

What was that phrase my elementary school teacher told me? That a writer should show, and not tell? That didn't happen here. I've read fanfiction written by teenagers with better prose than this crap.

The pacing was utterly horrible in this book. I guess I shouldn't have expected much from a book that's like pages. The entire book feels like a lazy mash of crappy, unoriginal characters with a trash plot that the author spent a couple of hours writing about and didn't bother to proof read before publishing it. The only thing I wonder now is if the author had an editor. If so, she should fire them, because the amount of errors in this book was ridiculous.

If you managed to make it this far, then this is all you need to know: A lobotomy would be a kinder alternative than having to read this boring drivel again. Jan 12, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: young-adult , retellings. This was a retelling of snow white, though apart from the beginning of the book you wouldn't be able to tell. The Fire King was a very nice retelling. Not a shadow of the original fairy-tell.

I did like Katiyanna, she was a strong female character. She wasn't perfect of course she went through much in her life and sometimes fear seemed to cripple her. So although she tries to seem tough all the time, she wasn't always. I'm not sure why the Fire King scared her at times. I know he made me upset This was a retelling of snow white, though apart from the beginning of the book you wouldn't be able to tell. I know he made me upset because of his tantrums.

He also suffered a lot and that turned him into someone unbearably angry, yelling all the time. His need for revenge came before even the people he cared about. It was nice to see how Katiyanna helped him overcome that. The book seemed to go too fast at some parts and drag in other parts. But in general it was a fun fast read. I wouldn't say it was epic though. But I like how sweet and slow and realistic the romance was.

But I wouldn't consider it a romance though. It was a fairytell retelling. My only regret is not reading The Cold King first cuz some characters from that book appear here.

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But it is the next book on my list. Aug 21, Francine rated it really liked it. Another great read! Amber has a talent for really drawing in her reader, connecting story lines and a knack for retelling a fairy tale without boring you with the same old tale. I personally especially liked that twist on who the "seven dwarves" are, that the introduction of the 'dwarves' and the other kingdoms leaves much room for future retellings and that we got revisit characters from the The Ice King.

Despite that the author has yet to grasp how to write an ending Another great read! Despite that the author has yet to grasp how to write an ending that does not feel rushed.

The Knighting Ceremony

I do not expect to have a fairy tale ending despite this being a retelling, especially if she plans to revisit these characters as she did with those from the Ice King, but there is something lacking in her ending that I can not quite put a name to that left me unsatisfied. Overall, despite the ending it was a great book and I look forward to reading her future books and hope that overtime she will find that sweet something that her endings need.

Oct 06, Reeannun rated it really liked it. She weaves such beautiful scenes and never ceases to amaze me. I always feel like I am living right there with the characters. Not many authors can do that as well as Amber. The story, 'Snow White," was a terrific spin on a great classic. I truly enjoyed getting a different spin.