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My favorite Chinese recipes are those that reminds me of the home cooked food I enjoyed as a child. Love that red fermented bean curd sauce. Chinese and Vietnamese are my favorite foods followed by Japanese! I eat dumplings almost every day for lunch and also enjoy making Chinese Spring Rolls that I keep stocked in the freezer. My favorite Chinese dishes are always the every day home cooked meals; garlic scapes with shredded pork, stir fry celery and lily bulbs, beef and potato stew. Love them all!!

Spam musubi is also amazing, I love coating spam in a beaten egg and frying it! My all time favourite Asian dish will be Ko lou Yoke, sweet and sour pork. I like mine with the meat remain crunchy and comes with a lot of pineapple abd tomato cubes. I absolutely love kung pao chicken! Another Asian dish I love is pad thai! Can you tell I love dishes with peanuts? So Many!

My absolute favorite Chinese dish, though, is a very simple and fast egg drop soup. I made some tonight for myself and my husband after getting home late. I love all dumplings! I could probably eat dumplings and potstickers every day and never get tired of them! I also love beef lo mein and egg drop soup!

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Spam Musubi is a family favorite. Potstickers and Char Sui Baos are also favorites. Chinese comfort foods are the best! The broth is so flavorful. Thanks for the musubi recipe. Need to try a copycat Foodland fried chicken musubi recipe. Absolutely love your recipes. Helped us make classic Chinese dishes such as mapo tofu and chicken rice noodle haw fun! Cashew Chicken is my favorite dish to order when going out for Chinese Cuisine.

It has a medium brown sauce… celery, carrots, water chestnuts and cashews to mention a few ingredients. The Sesame Tofu we had was made with a dark, sweet brown sauce and had steamed broccoli around the edge of the dish. Good Luck to those who enter. I am looking forward to receiving one if possible. I really love simple cooked snow pea leaves and kung pao tofu! There are so many good veggie Asian dishes. I make a lot of Thai and Japanese foods, with my top favorites being Onigiri snacks, Thom Ka soup, and Larb made with chicken.

I would love to cook my way through this book! Spam musubi is one of my favorite dishes; It reminds me of Hawaii. I went to the ABC store every morning to grab some spam musubi for breakfast. You, two red bowls, and spam musubi — no way a blog post gets better. My favorite Chinese dish is probably yushang qiezi, spicy garlic eggplant.

I also love a good Thai green curry, poke not sure if that counts as Asian Food , and some other types of Chinese food such as Chao Bing, zui pi niu nai, and spicy pork cucumber noodles. And of course jiaozi! I love anise star and tomato braised beef noodles, Chinese new year spring rolls, homemade dumplings and all the Taiwanese style breakfast items! My favourite would be pork dumplings! My favorite dishes are anything noodley and anything with dumplings. And spicy! My ultimate meal is a spicy ramen soup with dumplings and chicken skewers on the side.

Vegetarian Cooking: Green Mungbeans and Kelp Miso Soup by Wancy Ganst

So good! This cookbook looks so fun- exactly the kind of thing I like to try. My favorite dishes are Szechuan green beans and hand shredded cabbage. The cabbage I fell in love with while teaching English in China last summer. Always reminds me of growing up in LA and going to HK style cafes with my parents , or even better, when we visit family in Hong Kong. Thanks for sharing your blog and feed with us on insta,! Long time follower but first time commenter — love your recipes and your photos so much! So for me fried rice with Cha Shu is the best for me. But still looking for that perfect cha shu recipe.

Also as for spam musubi, I like my rice plain so the spam with the teriyaki sauce can favor the whole rice. I love any food Asian! Be it dumplings or stews or one pot dishes. I love the rice based dishes the most though. I love Chinese hot pot Or any stir fry. This is a dish a college roommate introduced me to and have thought about it ever since over 15 years. I also really enjoy Japanese cheesecake and Malai kofta. LOVE your website and recipes! We just came back from living in China and all these recipes are really authentic to my experience.

Thanks, Maggie, for keeping us up on so many great authentic recipes! I certainly know where to go to find those Chinese goodies I crave!

Vegetarian Cooking: Green Mungbeans and Kelp Miso Soup (Vegetarian Cooking - Soups Book 38)

Have you tried it before? They devour it in seconds lol!

I grew up in Hawaii so these were always around. Thanks again Maggie! I love Asian food way too much to narrow it down to just a few favourite dishes. Oh my goodness they are what dreams are made of. This recipe looks delicious. I think spam is stupid tasty so I am definitely gonna try it sometime! Maggie, I enjoy reading your blog. I like making spring rolls. Thanks for the contest! My fave for lunar new year is bing pi yue bing. Goal for this coming year: make it more edible next year lol! Oh wow what a delicious looking recipe! Love your website! Fav dish is ma po tofu. Am trying to eat more plant based Whole Foods and less beef, pork.

It is difficult coz I love all food, especially Asian. Love getting inspired by looking at cookbooks. I wish I could try all of your recipes!! If I could narrow my favourite Asian foods down I would have to choose wonton soup, xiau long bao, and Szechuan green beans!

A lot of the meals we enjoy come from your website, we especially enjoy your stir fry procedure advise. Of course this is hands down easy. My husband travels for work and is always gone for months up to at least a year. Because hes always away from home , he uses his cooking to meet and get to know people from all walks of life.

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The next time he went home he shared it with his mom whose an unbelievable cook and its been a family tradition ever since. His family, mom, grandma, sisters, cousins,neices and nephews, get together and they make an assembly line and everyone participates on chopping, cooking, rolling and frying. And years later he met me and I was included and accepted and tested on my rolling skills lol into the tradition. The recipe is awesome.

We never make less than because they are that good and its hard to stop eating them. But I think what really brings it home is the fact that they keep his family together.